Five major journals to include sex in studies!

Melina Kibbe, MD  reported in a new study that surgical researchers rarely use female animals or cells in the published studies—despite a huge body of evidence showing that sex differences can play a critical role in medical research.  “Women make up half the population, but in surgical literature, 80 percent of the studies only include males,” said Kibbe.  Published Aug. 28 in the journal Surgery, the study follows a “60 Minutes” segment aired in February that featured Dr. Kibbe and raised concerns that overlooking sex differences in biomedical research could lead to serious adverse effects.


As a result of Kibbe’s article, editors of the five major surgical journals reviewed in Kibbe’s publication will now require authors to state the sex of animals and cells used in their studies, and if both sexes are not included give the reasons why.

Dr. Kibbe, Professor of Surgical Research at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine is member of the Women’s Health Research Institute which is actively working on sex equity in research at the national level.   To read more:   CLICK HERE