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We invite you to explore the frontier of reproductive science at the Woodruff Lab website.Discover the latest advancements in sex and gender-based medicine at our Women’s Health Research Institute and Oncofertility Consortium. Learn how our science education programs, policy efforts and outreach activities help elevate women’s health research throughout the world.

Teresa K. Woodruff, PhD
Thomas J. Watkins Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Feinberg School of Medicine
Northwestern University
Reproductive Research
Translating Biological Reproductive Discoveries Into Clinical Opportunities

Investigating the development and maturation of the ovarian follicle and the determinants of egg quality to understand how these reproductive discoveries can benefit patients.

Women’s Health Research
Advancing Sex & Gender-based Research

“We stand at the beginning of a century where enormous gains in women’s health research are possible. We now know that women’s healthcare needs extend far beyond the reproductive system to all disciplines of medicine.  Now is the time to catalyze this basic science knowledge  into  the most comprehensive women’s healthcare program in the nation. We plan to make 21st century possibilities for a healthy life and prevention of disease in women a reality." -Teresa K. Woodruff

Discovering Reproductive Options for Young Cancer Survivors

Exploring and expanding the fertility preservation options and reproductive future of cancer survivors through interdisciplinary research, education and clinical care across the nation.

Enlightening Reproductive Leaders & Teachers

Implementing new methods and practices to enhance reproductive health knowledge and training in high schools, universities and beyond.

Initiating Outreach to Policy Makers & Organizations

Advocating for change at the institutional, state and federal levels to support sex and gender-based medicine, women’s health research and reproductive science to improve care for all patients.

Elevating Awareness of Reproductive Issues and the Impact of Women's Health Research

Communicating the latest reproductive advances and the importance of women’s health research to national and international audiences through traditional and digital media.

Empowering Women's Health with Innovative Leadership

A dedicated scientist.  A committed educator. An innovative researcher. Discover the distinctions, awards and accolades bestowed upon Teresa K. Woodruff for her acclaimed initiatives in women’s reproductive health.