September 2016

Participate in a Fertility Preservation Study

What Are Your Thoughts About Fertility Preservation?

Dr. Teresa K. Woodruff, PhD, Allison Goetsch, MS, CGC, and graduate student Kendra Frome, BS at Northwestern University are looking for participants who would be willing to take a 5-10 minute survey about fertility preservation!

Partners of those who have received a cancer diagnosis are a crucial part of the decision making process and we want your opinion to better understand how we can help you and your loved one!

Please click on the link below to take the survey:

Those who take the survey can enter a drawing for ten $25 visa gift cards!

Teresa Woodruff Visits China to Discuss Oncofertility in the Global Setting

Dr. Teresa Woodruff and Dr. Shuo Xiao attended the 17th International Congress of Endocrinology held conjunction with the 15th Annual Meeting of Chinese Society of Endocrinology from August 31 to September 4, 2016 in Beijing, China.

During their time there, they visited several places to talk about the fertility preservation in China and also the potential collaboration with Oncofertility Consortium and the Global Partners Network.