February 2017

New Publication on Adoption Attitudes among Cancer Survivors

In January, 2017, Jessica R. Gorman from Oregon State University and colleagues published a study in the Journal of Cancer Survivorship comparing adoption considerations between female young adult cancer survivors and women of the same age in the general population. This study found that among cancer survivors, 81.6% said that they would consider adoption compared to 40.3% of women in the general population. In addition, cancer survivors were asked what their concerns were about adoption, and 48% said their desire for biological children was a concern compared to 67% of women in the general population. Additional concerns among cancer survivors included expense of adoption (45%), concern about not being perceived as a good candidate by an adoption agency (41%), and not having enough information about the adoption process (39%).

Japan Society for Reproductive Psychology 2017

Below is a message from one of our most active Global Partners, Dr. Kouhei Sugimoto, who represents the Japanese Society for Fertility Preservation. Congratulations to the team for all their hardwork!

We participated in the Congress of the Japan Society for Reproductive Psychology (JSRP) 2017. 

Watch the February VGR presented by Teresa Woodruff

On Wednesday, February 15, Dr. Teresa Woodruff gave the VGR: Communicating Reproductive Science to a Doubtful World. During the talk, Dr. Woodruff described in detail all of the educational resources developed by the Oncofertility Consortium. Recently, the OC launched its newest website Reprotopia: Reproductive Health Education for All, which provides reproductive health education resources across the entire life spectrum, from K-Gray.  Her presenation followed a similar format and introduced educational materials for children to adults, students to professionals. 

All of the educational resources can be found online on Reprotopia. The PPT slides from the talk are also available here: 

Introducing Reprotopia

The Oncofertility Consortium is proud to announce its latest website Reprotopia: Reproductive Health Education for All. Reprotopia is the one stop shop for all of the Consortium's educational programs.

This online resource provides individuals of all ages with authoritative reproductive health education from K to Gray. Since reproductive health is vastly important to overall well being, the Oncofertility Consortium and its partners have created a variety of useful websites, courses, and other tools to educate the public about the importance of reproduction and science and to demystify the sometimes-taboo topic. Reprotopia packages all of these initiatives and programs in one, easy to navigate website so users, including young children, teenagers, parents, and educators, can learn about reproductive health across the entire life spectrum, in wellness and during times of illness.

French translations now available

Colleagues in Tunisia at the Aziza Othmana ART Center of Tunis completed translating the SaveMyFertility materials into French. This work was completed by Fatma Douik, Khadija Berejeb Kacem, and Marouen Braham under the direction of Mohamed Khrouf (pictured). We thank them for their hard work and appreciate their efforts to make oncofertility materials accessible to patients in their native language. 

Oncofertility materials are now available in the following languages: