May 2018

Improving Oncofertility Practice in China: Exciting works done by researchers from the University of South Carolina and Nanjing Medical University

Ke Ju, Yuqing Wang, and Gehui Yuan are undergraduate students from Nanjing Medical University (NMU) in China and now conduct their visiting research projects in Dr. Shuo Xiao’s Reproductive Health & Toxicology laboratory at University of South Carolina (USC). Dr. Xiao, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Environmental Health Sciences, Arnold School of Public Health at USC, is an active member of Oncofertility Consortium and makes his efforts to promote Oncofertility development in his home country, China. As the country having the largest population of cancer patients, China has not yet integrated fertility preservation guidelines into medical field and Oncofertility is still a brand-new concept there, suggesting that most of young male and female cancer patients are receiving cancer therapy without discussing their reproductive damage as well as their infertility risk after cancer. By working with Dr.